Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The People of Pueblo

Pueblo is known as The Home of Heroes because of the four Medal of Honor Recipients that are from Pueblo. While this a fact that cannot and should not be disputed, it is also representative of Pueblo as a community.  Home of Heroes, everyday heroes, heroes that get up everyday, head to work to provide for themselves, their families and contribute to the community. I intentionally left out our firemen and police officers because they are a different kind of hero that receives recognition in a different way. This portrait series is about lesser known and appreciated heroes, business owners, business professionals and the everyday working person. We have them all, and the following is just a small cross-section of the diverse working population of the everyday heroes of Pueblo.

Mike is the owner/operator of Mike's Top Tire Spot on 4th Street.
Tonya is the owner/operator of Slug & Chug food-truck.
Phyllis is the owner/operator of Tumbleweed Books on Union.

Dawn is the owner/operator of Karmic Konnection on Union.

John works in the wind energy industry.

Kevin is the Chief Information Officer at Pueblo Bank and Trust.
Kelli and Olivia are nurses at Parkview Medical Center.
Naul is a sanitation worker with Waste Connections.
Jason is a service technician at American Furniture Warehouse.
Jullian, Deven, Noah and Christian arecar wash attendants at the Octopus Car Wash on Elizabeth.

Donny, Jarred and Jeff are sales associates at Vapor Source on Elizabeth.
Yago is a bartender at The Downtown Bar at City Center Plaza.
Michelle is an attendant at a Heritage Organics, a recreational marijuana store in Pueblo West.
Michael is a liquor store attendant at Warehouse Liquor.

Sam is a tattoo artist at Tattoos Unlimited on Union.

Lisa is a Correctional Officer, Jamie is a CNA, and Amy is a CNA and all three of them are members of the roller deby team.

Kyle is the General Manager for Fastenal in Pueblo.

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