Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Helping Hand

The serving window at the Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen.

It is no secret that people in need of assistance has been on the rise in Pueblo over the last few years. People are making their way to Pueblo for multiple reasons , with the booming marijuana industry, legal recreational and medical pot, or what ever the reason may be, it can not be denied that people are choosing to move to the Steel City. With an influx of people and a lack of employment opportunities for those people, the need for services for people in need have risen drastically. The local programs that use federal, state and county funds for people in need are being pushed to their limits and people need help. POSADA is one of those organizations and on their website they state that right now, they are at their limit for helping and they are helping Pueblo people and families before they can help outsiders. POSADA also makes a suggestion that if you do not have enough money saved to cover a deposit (first and last month’s rent) and a $500 deposit for electricity, then people should reconsider moving to Pueblo.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A "Bright" Spot for Pueblo

Matt Albright is the Program Coordinator for the Center For American Values but more importantly he is a champion of Pueblo.

Over the last few months Pueblo has seen it’s reputation tarnished in the national and local media.  With all the reports of crime rates increasing, an abundant amount of heroin on the streets and gangs on the rise it can sometimes be hard to see all the people and organizations making good things happen around us, one of the people trying to promote the good in Pueblo and its people is Matt Albright. Matt is the Program Coordinator for the Center For AmericanValues located downtown along the Riverwalk. The Center’s objectives and programs include use of its gallery and conferencing space for organizations in need of meeting facilities specific to promoting character and leadership development curriculum's, educational training seminars, executive study groups, conferences, special events, ceremonial activities, educational outreach opportunities, and public tours. The three values the Center focuses on are Honor, Integrity and Patriotism.