Sunday, May 22, 2016

A "Bright" Spot for Pueblo

Matt Albright is the Program Coordinator for the Center For American Values but more importantly he is a champion of Pueblo.

Over the last few months Pueblo has seen it’s reputation tarnished in the national and local media.  With all the reports of crime rates increasing, an abundant amount of heroin on the streets and gangs on the rise it can sometimes be hard to see all the people and organizations making good things happen around us, one of the people trying to promote the good in Pueblo and its people is Matt Albright. Matt is the Program Coordinator for the Center For AmericanValues located downtown along the Riverwalk. The Center’s objectives and programs include use of its gallery and conferencing space for organizations in need of meeting facilities specific to promoting character and leadership development curriculum's, educational training seminars, executive study groups, conferences, special events, ceremonial activities, educational outreach opportunities, and public tours. The three values the Center focuses on are Honor, Integrity and Patriotism.

Matt goes over the days activities with Annie Carlson in the Portrait Gallery.
 One of the interesting things about Matt is the fact that he is not a Pueblo native but he has nothing but the city and its people in his heart. Matt left Texas to move close to his family in Colorado Springs over six years ago and began taking classes at CSU-Pueblo. It was at this point Matt moved to Pueblo to lessen his commute for school. After living in Pueblo for the past six years Matt says he sees the potential and the good things that the city has to offer. “I never thought I would be this involved in the community. I am proud to be part of this community and I know what is good about it.” said Albright. As the program coordinator for the center Matt is in unique position to have a we positive effect on the youth of Pueblo through his work at the center. “I do believe that we are an amalgam of everything we encompass as youths, so the more positive influences these kids are exposed to the more reference points they have to draw from later.” said Albright.  Another perk for both Pueblo and Matt is the fact the center has a mobile unit that allows the center to spread their message across the United States but also showcases the fact that the center is from Pueblo and highlights the four Medal of Honor recipients from Pueblo. When asked about all the negativity associated with Pueblo recently Matt said “The problems we see as unique to Pueblo are everywhere, sometime in Pueblo that it is forgotten.” Looking back Albright said he never saw Pueblo in his future he figured he would get his degree and leave but six years later he is singing a different tune.  When asked about the future of Pueblo Matt had this to say, “ I see nothing but promise for Pueblo.”
Telephone coordination is one of the ways work is accomplished at the center.

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