Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hot Pursuit!!

A call came across the radio stating there were two dogs blocking traffic on Thatcher Ave and assistance from animal control was needed. Colorado State Trooper, Steve Ortiz, was on scene and
ushered the dogs off the road and onto the golf course. Shortly there after  Colorado Department of Wildlife Park Ranger, Chris Hand, arrived to assist in the wrangling of the dogs until animal control arrived. The dogs on the other hand decided it was time to take a walk and wandered off the golf course and into a residential neighborhood off of Linda Vista causing both officers to give chase. The dogs led the officers down Linda Vista to Airlane. It wasn't until the corner of Airlane and Rice  that the officers had their first shot at capturing at least one of the dogs. Trooper Ortiz was able to get one of the two dogs away from the other and was close to slipping the capture noose around the dogs head but was unable to do so. After chasing the dogs down several more streets, Trooper Ortiz and Park Ranger Hand relinquished the chase to animal control, who was able to continue chasing the dogs in their vehicle. Eventually animal control was able to capture the white dog but the brown one is still on the loose.

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