Friday, July 7, 2017

Pueblo Horror Film Festival

Audience members watch the premier of Savages during the festival.

 In Pueblo the only horror that is associated with June 30, is the fact that July is about to start and the August heat is that much closer. In 2017 the horror of June 30 took on a new meaning in Pueblo, as Story Mode Films hosted the first ever Pueblo Horror Film Festival at the Rawling's Library.

 Story Mode Films was founded by Pueblo West natives Brian Salay and Brandon Sigg, about a
Brandon Sigg addresses the audience as Brian Salay watches during the festival.
year ago, while they were finishing film school in Denver. The duo have been friends since childhood and carried their combined passion for films into their studies and now professional lives.

 The Horror Film Festival was a multi-tiered event with basic tenant being it was a way to showcase the horror genre of film. The second tier is that the festival was a means for local filmmakers to showcase their work and get it screened in front of a live public audience. A call for entries was sent to the Pueblo community and five local filmmakers answered the call, resulting in all five films being viewed. The third and final tier of the Horror Film Festival was that it presented the perfect platform for Story Mode to launch their newest film Savages, a fifty-five minute feature horror movie set in a post-apocalyptic world.
 When talking with Brian Salay about the festival and why Story Mode hosted it he said, “I want film to prosper in artistic places like Pueblo and I hope with events like this, we can do that.”
 Brandon Sigg went on to add “ Our company has always believed in the power of film in Colorado and the things it can do.”
 All in all  it was a successful night as local filmmakers were showcased, Savages was debuted and all involved had a good time. In this authors opinion, the Pueblo Horror Film Festival is an event that should be continued and be a community builder for Pueblo.

Community members pose for a picture before the festival began.

Local filmmakers get their photo taken before the festival began.

Cast and crew answer questions during the Q&A after the premiere of their movie.
David Salay served as the moderator for the Q&A and presents a question to the panel.
Some of the cast and crew of Savages.

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